All of these service's can be adapted to your needs depending on what you require and frequency.

Window Cleaning can be offered via pure water cleaning or traditional methods. (Hight will affect the method of cleaning and Health & Safety issues.)

Pure water Window Cleaning can be carried out up to 70ft if required and a wide variety of windows can be cleaned using this method.
If Health & Safety is an issue when it comes to Window Cleaning then this is the method of cleaning you need.

Household window cleaning is predominantly Hull Kingswood (Parks), Cottingham and Sproatley.

All aspects of Internal Cleaning can be carried out depending on your needs. This option is very popular with Show Homes and Sales Offices, and also for blocks of apartments for communal hallways.

Internal and/or external cleaning.
This service includes removing protective film from windows and doors from the installation if not removed, and the removal of dried plaster from floors.
Windows usually require "scrape cleans" to remove plaster, sealants, and stickers.

This can be full house cleaning on new build houses before the occupiers move in, or just cleaning the outside windows and frames. (We can also include cleaning of all Facia & Soffits if required.)

From painting to wall papering and all other decorating needs or even if it is partial rooms or hallways due to damage, One Maintenance can provide you with a quote.
Jet washing can be priced per sq meter.

Caravan cleaning is carried out using official caravan cleaners that do not harm windows or panel seals.
These cleaners help remove "black streaks" and "Green algae" and also include a "wax" ingredient so there is no need to apply a finishing product.

NOTE: Jet washer’s are not used in cleaning Caravans because the pressure of the water jet can damage seals and compromise the seals possibly allowing water to enter through panels or window's.

Caravans cleaning stages Inc,