About Us

Paul Taylor Services (One Maintenance) started providing Window Cleaning to households in numerous areas and continued to grow its customers and service's from window cleaning to include internal show home cleaning, painting and decorating, internal cleaning, builders cleans, jet washing, and exterior static Caravan cleaning.

Later Paul Taylor Service's added to its strong customer base contract cleaning to various management companies, businesses and shops.

As the commercial side of Paul Taylor Service's grew we wanted to develop a web presence that would complement and continue to reach new customers, especially within the Hull area.

We decided on the website name "One Maintenance" because it aptly described the services we offer and also the market we wanted to target which is management companies, businesses and commercial properties.

Paul Taylor Service's would offer a scaled down version of its services to households, and One Maintenance would offer all its service's for contract customers.

One Maintenance also covers wider areas outside of Hull, and for clients with multiple sites we can provide competitive rates.